Take-Two Interactive Software, in the Spotlight Soon

Quarterly periods. Non-GAAP figures may vary to maintain comparability with estimates. Recent performance For the preceding quarter, gross margin was 48.5%, much better than the prior-year quarter. Operating margin was 9.7%, much better than the prior-year quarter.
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Want to attract great software engineers? Offer Surveillance Systems Houston life extension tech

If you connect the dots thats exactly where Google is headed. Late last year it hired Ray Kurzweil , a vocal proponent of an idea called the Singularity, which predicts life extension technologies will eventually extend peoples lives indefinitely. This will start happening in earnest within this decade. Heres Googles recruitment slogan from the future: Come work at Google and live longer. Its a Singular Experience! How can other companies compete?! Google can make sure its engineers have a seat on the Singularity bus. It already has the driver of the idea in Mr Kurzweil, and the Singularity will require the worlds largest, most powerful computer system, which is exactly what Google is building.
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First-time business owners robbed in north Houston

The DRL Group Selected For “Top Wealth Managers of Houston”

The incident happened at 3 p.m. in the 7200 block of N. Shepherd Drive. Surveillance video showed the crook walk in cool and calm. He pretended he was looking for a phone then eventually pulled a gun from his pocket. “I told him you want the cash,” said owner Naeem Akhtar. “I have a little bit just take it and leave.” After cleaning out the register, the crook forced Akhtar to the back room and onto the floor.
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We are solely focused on providing tax-free income products and managing tax-deferred accounts (IRAs and SEPs) through utilizing high quality municipal and corporate bonds. Because of our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology, our clients have access to both the primary and secondary bond markets. This allows us to execute trades on both the buy and sell side of the transaction enabling efficient pricing resulting in better yields for the investor. For more than 25 years, we have been serving top tax-bracket clients and have seen all types of markets. DRL Group LP is a branch office of and securities offered through WFG Investments, Inc (WFG), member FINRA & SIPC . Following the publication of The DRL Group’s selection for Houston Business Journal’s Top Wealth Managers of Houston list, American Registry seconded the honor and added The DRL Group to the “Registry of Business Excellence”. An exclusive recognition plaque, shown here , has been designed to commemorate this honor.
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Quicken Loans: Refinancing with VA Loans

FountainHomeLoans.com Announces FHA Refinancing Available For Mobile and Manufactured Homes In Alabama

Markets open in 7 hrs 9 mins YOUR FRIENDS’ ACTIVITY Presenting content from our Yahoo! partners. Quicken Loans: Refinancing with VA Loans By Quicken Loans | Quicken Loans Thu, Jul 11, 2013 4:10 PM EDT Print The VA loan is one of the most popular loan programs in America with over 14 million veterans and military members taking advantage of this benefit since the end of World War II. What makes VA loans so appealing when refinancing are the relaxed credit requirements and higher refinancing and cash-out refinancing amounts than many typical conventional loans.
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With the new changes, LowVARates.com , a division of Flagship Financial Group LLC, can now offer the exact same interest rate on standard homes for manufactured home owners. aManufactured homes represent a large portion of the national housing market and it has always been disappointing that we could not properly take care of these homeowners,a Kandell said. aItas wonderful that we can now offer the exact same streamline interest rates to those owners of manufactured homes.a VA/FHA home owners that are looking to lower their interest rates can contact any of the professional Loan Officers at LowVARates.com , a division of Flagship Financial Group LLC, and speak with them about their specific circumstances and needs. To apply for a VA/FHA loan visit: http://www.lowvarates.com/ ABOUT LOWVARATES.COM , A DIVISION OF FLAGSHIP FINANCIAL GROUP LLC For the past 20 years LowVARates.com , a division of Flagship Financial Group, has been dedicated to serving veteran homeowners. We specialize in providing VA loans to qualified veterans for mortgage purchases and refinances. These loans provide lower interest rates and monthly payments than other traditional or conventional loans. VA loans are currently the only program left that allows no-money-down loans providing a secure mortgage option guaranteed by the Federal Government.
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LowVARates.com Announces New VA/FHA Streamline Loan with No Minimum Credit Requirement

I’ve got a stellar credit score, soI should be offered pretty good rates. My current lender, Bank of America, offered a 15-year fixed rate at 3.5%. So did Union First Market. Three smaller banks did even better. Argent, Eastern Virginia Bank and Village Bank all quoted 3.25%. The most impressive rate came from the Virginia Credit Union.I could refinance my loan for 2.75%, but there’s a catch… “What people don’t look at, sometimes are what the costs are,” said Dan Dougherty, President of Colonial First Mortgage.
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MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Comparing mortgage refinancing

Only Three things are necessary to qualify. A FHA mortgage, a 680 mid credit score and no 30 day mortgage late payments in the past 12 months.” Previously, FHA refinancing on Mobile homes or FHA Streamline Refinancing for Manufactured homes was unavailble under the previous government regulations. Alabama Home Refinance options include FHA streamline refinancing , USDA refinancing, conventional refinancing and VA refinancing. “Clients may qualify for more than one type of loan in this situation. Fountain Home Loans understands the benefits and drawbacks of each type of loan and works with each client to determine which best meets his or her needs,” Mr. Bryant goes on to say. Fountain Home Loans is also pleased to announce lower minimum credit score requirements for conforming Government and USDA programs. Requirements include: FHA Minimum 580 for all Conforming Full Documentation transactions.
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